Chefs in Action 2021

Chefs have unique insight when it comes to herbs and their power to add flavor: to dishes, to communities, and to lives. Chefs in Action talks to chefs and bakers about their food journeys, including how herbs inspire and guide their culinary pursuits.

Araina Rueben – Nice To Be Iced

An artist at heart, Araina has spent the last six years using the sugar cookie as her canvas, building a business that marries unforgettable flavor with delightful design. 

Araina tells us about her baking journey, shares some insider information on her favorite herb, and reminds us that even the smallest successes are worth celebrating.

Cheyanne Bronzell – Phat Girlz a Cookin’ LLC

Inspired by her grandparents, Cheyanne’s journey as a chef began when she was very young, and though her speciality area as a chef is southern comfort, her favorite food might come as a surprise!

Cheyanne tells us about her journey as chef, shares her thoughts on the importance of herbs, and explains how her brother helped her come up with her unforgettable business name.

Jewel Edwards, Suite 82 LLC

Community and food go hand-in-hand for Jewel, whose bakery lounge will give young people in Pittsburgh the chance to learn how to bake, to eat, and to connect with one another and supportive adults. 

Jewel tells us about her journey, her vision for how baking can improve the lives of young people, and gives us insight into some of her favorite flavors.

Keyla Nogueira – Casa Brasil

When she first moved to the US, Keyla saw that cooking was one way she could help her young son connect with the culture of Brasil. Through Casa Brasil, she’s now sharing those herb-infused flavors and dishes with all of Pittsburgh.

Keyla tells us the story of Casa Brasil and shares her extensive knowledge of herbs, including cooking tips, such as why you should always put a bay leaf in your beans.

Lisa Freeman – Freeman Family Farm

Lisa is a chef, urban farmer, and social worker who has been nurturing her community for many years through her “garden of goodwill.” Her relationship with herbs runs deep and she grows a wide variety in her greenhouse at Freeman Family Farm, including some medicinal herbs such as the toothache plant. 

Lisa tells us about the growth and development of Freeman Family Farm, the importance of community, and how fresh herbs can be used to improve our food, our gardens, and our health.

Reginald Hudson – Baked Cafe PGH

Reginald has been honing his craft as a chef for over a decade. Together with his business partner Ohnedaruth Swain, he seeks to use his experience in kitchens of all kinds to create unique food for people on the move through Baked Cafe. 

Reginald tells us the story of Baked Cafe PGH, shares his extensive knowledge of herbs, and tells us about some of his favorite flavors and cooking techniques.

Terina Hicks – Cobbler World LLC

In 2014, Terina felt the call to go back to her first love: baking. With CobblerWorld, she seeks to create desserts that bring people from all walks together, crossing generational divides with flavors both nostalgic and fresh.

Terina tells us all about her baking and business journey, from Mamie Lou’s peach cobbler to her pies and pavlova, including how she crafts those classic flavors using extracts, herbs, and spices.

Tina Betters – Antonio’s Pizzeria

Tina learned to cook at a young age – about the same age that her daughter, Betty, is now! For the Betters family, food is a way of life, from running Antonio’s Pizzeria and designing spice blends for Black Market jerky to finding ways to harness the power of the mint growing in the backyard. 

Tina tells us about her journey as a chef and business owner alongside seven-year-old Betty, who gives us the inside scoop on what it’s like to grow up in a food business family.